Shingeki no Kyojin: Last Choice by Astellecia

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Megpoid Gumi - Camellia by AkinaGasai

Gumi from Vocaloid

Cosplayer: AkinaGasai
Photographer: Key’Dou

Pokemon: Espeon Cosplay by ZombieInYourGarden

Espeon Gijinka from Pokemon

Cosplayer: Neru
Photographer: ZombieInYourGarden

Merida - Brave by oShadowButterflyo

Merida from Brave

Cosplayer: TsubameRain
Photographer: oShadowButterflyo

Dark Alley by Cosmic-Empress

Black Widow from Avengers

Cosplayer: Cosmic-Empress
Photographer: Isidrou
Wig Styling: blackfruitbat

Pokemon - Sleeping Sun by Another-Rose

Ho-oh Gijinka from Pokemon

Cosplayer: Maohheika
Photographer: Another-Rose

Sailor MoonR movie: The Promise of rose. Fiore by GeshaPetrovich

Fiore and Usagi from Sailor Moon
Cosplayers: GeshaPetrovich and Revien
Photographer: Katya Vayner

Homestuck. Beta kids. by Hakaina-san

Beta Kids from Homestuck
Cosplayers: Rose - Hakaina-san, Dave - Seliverstova, John - Minako, Jade - Usa
Photography: Pevzner

AHRI the Nine Tailed Fox by Benny-Lee

Ahri from League of Legends

Cosplayer: LiL-KRN-Yuna
Photographer: Benny-Lee

Haine Otomiya Cosplay II by Phadme

Haine Otomiya from The Gentlemens Alliance

Cosplayer: Phadme
Photographer: KuRumi-FlameSamurai

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